Candidate Attraction Strategy 101 – Start with Congruency
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Author: Brian Lawler
Black Sparrow Business Coaching & Consulting
Recruitment Strategist | Leadership Coach | Mindset Mentor

It’s a massive challenge in attracting potential candidates to your job opportunity.  At the time of writing this post there are 239,157 jobs advertised on nationally & this is just one of over 50 Job Boards advertising roles across Australia.

The competition for candidate’s attention is high.

According to, there are over 7500 Recruitment Agencies operating in Australia with over 22,500 employees.

This makes the competition for candidate attention fierce.

Now add to this the current candidate short market, the challenge is very real, however there is a way forward & it all starts with understanding how you’re seen in the market by potential employee’s.

Our digital footprint is ever growing & at times without our knowledge or consent, prospective employees can now more than ever dig deep into our corporate identity & understand what we do, why we do it, who is doing it and more importantly what people think of what we do.

Congruency in your messaging

This may sound obvious, I may sound like I’m teaching you to suck eggs, you may stop reading at this point, but just hear me out here.

I want to give you a small, but vitally important challenge in the art of attracting.  Whether you’re currently hiring or not I challenge you to see if your messaging is consistent across the marketplace on who you are, what you do, who you do it for & why you are the best at what you do.

Why?  Because this is what prospective employees are looking for in you even before the apply to your Job Advert.  That’s right, prospective employees will have researched you inside out even before they click apply.

So, my call to action to you is once you have finished reading, start reviewing each of the sites below you know you have content & ensure your messaging is consistent, relevant & up to date reflecting where your business is as it stands today.

Make sure you review your messaging across the following platforms.

Bonus Tip:  Before you think it’s as easy as a quick cut & paste of your companies Mission statement, I urge you to stop right there & think again.  Spend a little time thinking who your audience is in each of these areas & speak to them in the platform’s language.  

Incorporate your message into this, consistency & congruency isn’t just about reading the same body of text everywhere you look but conveying your message to the audience or potential employee you serve.