Playing the Recruitment Long Game
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Author: Brian Lawler
Black Sparrow Business Coaching & Consulting
Recruitment Strategist | Leadership Coach | Mindset Mentor

I can hear what you’re thinking, I thought it myself when I wrote the title, “The recruitment Long Game, but I need people now!”

Absolutely I get it, you need people now & that’s why you’re here right, to find out how to attract people to your business today & hire today Job Done!  If it was that easy then we wouldn’t operate in a candidate short market, you wouldn’t be reading this post & I would be out of a job.

Allow me to start by asking a couple of questions:

  • Where would your business be in 12 months from now if you took no action on hiring & recruitment?
  • Where would your business be in 12 months from now if you took a little reactive action on hiring & recruitment?
  • Where would your business be in 12 months from now if you adopted a focused candidate search based off a plan to grow your business?

What’s the recruitment long game? Simply put its your recruiting & hiring strategy for the next 12 months and beyond.  It’s a strategy that mirrors your business plan, works alongside it & helps with the planned growth of your business.

It’s not a get candidates quick approach, but it is the best approach to finding, engaging with, and ultimately hiring the best unavailable talent in your market and it all begins with a plan and a commitment to act.  

A few of the key steps to consider in your recruiting & hiring strategy are:

  1. Where is your business today & where do you want it to be in 3 years from now?
  2. What is three key hire required in the next 12 months?
  3. What are the key hires required during year 2?
  4. What are the key hires required during year 3?
  5. Do I have an attractive or compelling offer for the candidate market?
  6. Who are the actual people I wish to hire?


Point 6 is always my favourite to ask, who do you want to hire & I mean specifically who, what’s their name, were do they work now & what do they know of you so far, are you on their radar, if not what & what do you intend to do to get them on your radar.

Back in my recruitment days, I used to always be searching my competition, specifically who was working for them & how they were performing.  The recruiters that looked interesting to me I would reach out & connect with them via LinkedIn initially.  I’d then share interesting information on market trends that I thought they might like to help build credibility; I’d go out of my way to say g’day to them at industry events & eventually catch up for coffee in a more intimate setting.

I never paid a cent in advertising or recruitment fees and always hired the people who I believed would ad value to & help grow my business, and you too can do this too with a little planning, a little investment in time & using a free tool (LinkedIn) to engage.

Alternatively, you can throw up an advert on a job board, you can ask for referrals or even engage a recruiter to get you that solution today, you can throw a lot of money at the problem, but what about the next time you need to hire & the time after that and the time after that.